Video: Event tree analysis helps to prepare for extreme weather events


Climate change increases precipitation in Finland in the future. Some areas will experience more severe flooding unless measures are taken to prepare for the changing conditions. Researchers developed a decision-making model based on an event-tree to help finding the most cost-effective flood control measures. The model can also be used to prevent damages caused by other extreme weather events.

Interviewee: Senior research scientist Hanna Virta, Finnish Environment Institute

Video length: 5:24 min

Language: Finnish, with English subtitles

Recorded: 27.6.2013

Published: 31.10.2013

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For courses in Finnish upper secondary schools: GE3 (old) -> GE1 (new curriculum/OPS)

Filmed by: Riku Mesiniemi ja Anna Puustinen, Finnish Meteorological Institute

References: [1]


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