Video: Mother Nature's history book


Scientists have been able to use glacial ice to map the history of climate over the last several hundred thousand years. The results reveal that human beings are now adding carbon dioxide to the atmosphere at a rate that, to the best of our knowledge, is much faster than ever seen in the past.

Video length: 13:01 min

Language: English, with Finnish subtitles

Subtitles: Video has Finnish subtitles available. If they don’t appear automatically, click the rectangular icon ”Subtitles” and choose Finnish. Video has been subtitled by the Finnish Meteorological Institute in TULUVAT-project funded by Finnish National Board of Education.

Published in YouTube: 13.2.2012

Published in 15.11.2013

For courses in Finnish upper secondary schools: GE1 (old) -> GE2 (new curriculum/OPS)

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