Video: Climate change improves the overwintering of garden plants


Climate change is expected to cause milder winters in Finland, which would improve the overwintering conditions of garden plants. Consequently, the zone suitable for commercial outdoor horticulture in Finland will expand. Thus, horticulture could be one of the primary sectors that benefit from the climate change.

Interviewee: Researcher Mikko Laapas, Finnish Meteorological Institute

Video length: 3:33 min

Language: Finnish, with English subtitles

Recorded: 29.5.2013

Published: 11.10.2013

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For courses in Finnish upper secondary schools: BI1, BI3, GE3 (old) -> BI1, BI2, GE1 (new curriculum/OPS)

Filmed by: Riku Mesiniemi ja Anna Puustinen, Finnish Meteorological Institute

References: [1], [2]

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