Video: Weather extremes often affect the elderly more than other people


Future changes in the severity and frequency of many weather related events should be taken into account by care providers of the elderly. The Finnish Environment Institute has developed an interactive online mapping tool to help in preparation for the anticipated changes.

Interviewee: Research Professor Timothy Carter, Finnish Environment Institute SYKE

Video length: 4:37 min

Language: English, with Finnish subtitles

Recorded: 27.6.2013

Published: 26.9.2013

Please see also the tool Adaptive capacity & vulnerability to climate change in

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For courses in Finnish upper secondary schools: ENA6, ENA7 (old) -> ENA5, ENA6 (new curriculum/OPS)

Filmed by: Riku Mesiniemi and Anna Puustinen, Finnish Meteorological Institute

References: [1]


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